🗣 Samuel Eto’o: “I am convinced that us Africans are significant

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🗣 Samuel Eto’o: “I am convinced that us Africans are significant in so many things but we don’t know how to come together.”

“It has to be said that everyone has their opinion, that’s certain, and that will always be the case, but everyone’s interests must come first, ahead of the individual’s. That’s how other continents develop. We have to know how to do it here.”

“Africans have a lot of talent, Europeans a bit less. But the Europeans have understood something: education. Education is the magic of every success.”

“In Africa, we don’t know how to educate ourselves, and to educate you have to have patience. What you educate today will bear fruit in 10 years’ time. We don’t have that patience.”

“On the other hand, in Europe, people don’t stop educating themselves. You go and see someone in France and they say, ‘I’m going to do a course on this’. But why does he do that when he has a job?”

SECURITY GUARD MARRIES A UNIVERSITY LECTURER“Because the people have understood that to improve you have to educate yourself. And that’s what we Africans have to do — educate Africans and not stop. And then we will have the chance to win the World Cup.”

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