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It is almost a norm for African couples to be unromantic.
Personal statistics show that “it is so because They are so used to each other, hence, no need to be romantic anymore.
While some couples said, it is not an African tradition to be romantic, It is an American lifestyle and we should not try to mimic them.

Romance is the spice of every relationship, just like salt, and Maggie is used to seasoning food for savor.

These are some Bad attitudes exhibited by couples that could make marriage tiring!

1). Many marriages are just for sleeping and waking up, raising kids, and aging together till death comes, no time to look at themselves and appreciate their body and more.

2). Many couples hardly kiss and they only hug each other when they receive good news, too bad.

3). The husband only puts food in his wife’s mouth only when she is terminally ill and can’t feed herself, appalling!

4). If you see a man opening the car door for his wife, it means the door is faulty, almost every African man who owns a car, is guilty!

5). The only thing that makes an African man touch his wife’s neck is when she complains of fever. He won’t touch it again till the next fever.

6). The only time he can carry his wife in his arms is when she is in labor.

7). If you see them seated outside at night, don’t think they are romantic. They are only waiting for the smell of insecticide to vanish, Funny right?

8). Many wives buy gifts for their husbands only when they are hospitalized.

9). The only time they move out/walkout together is when there is danger and everyone is running.

10). The only time they go for an evening stroll is when they want to go and lay a complaint to the parents of the person that beat their child or got their daughter pregnant.

11). The only time they bathe together is when both are late for work.

12). The only time a wife looks closely at her husband’s eyes is when he complains of dirt in his eyes.

Unfortunately, Africans feel that any romantic man is being controlled by his wife. They will begin to spread bad rumors that the man has eaten vegetables!

Add romance to your relationship and watch it grow and glow!

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