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Alliance of American Football was a professional American football league.
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Alliance of American Football



Alliance of American Football

Alliance of American Football

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) was a professional American football league.

The AAF consisted of 8 centrally owned and operated teams,

in the southern and western United States,

which 7 were located in metropolitan areas,

and one major professional sports franchise.

Founded by Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian in 2018,

the AAF began to play on February 9 2019,

and six days after the National Football League’s (NFL) Super Bowl LIII championship game.

The league was on 10 weeks smooth season,

and conclude with a championship game on April 27.

And, after eight weeks of play,

the Football League,s operations got suspended,

by Thomas Dundon on April 2 who is the owner.

The AAF allowed players to leave their contracts to sign with NFL teams.

The AAF filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on April 17 2019,

with the league’s sole season left incomplete.

NFL stands for National Football League.

History on Alliance of American Football

Charlie Ebersol who is the son of former NBC executive,

and co- founder of X Dick Ebersol,

created the AAF in late 2016, after producing the documentary.

This was the XFL for ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 series;

after the research and examining the history of the XFL,

He came to the decision that the concept was usable,

the finished product was not usable, and from an on-field standpoint, bad football.

In February 2017, he started developing AAF,

which is almost the same time that word had come out about XFL co-founder Vince McMahon,

that he brought back the old XFL brand.

XFL stands for Xtra-Fun-League

Alliance of American Football

The display in a lawsuit filed by Robert Vanech,

the co-founder of the AAF,

states that Ebersol had originally approached McMahon about relaunching the XFL,

which never came to an agreement, as Ebersol wanted control of the XFL brand and was willing to pay $50 million for the trademark, which McMahon was unwilling to sell.

 In December 2018, Charlie Ebersol asked Vince McMahon about merging the AAF (which was two months away from starting) with the XFL. McMahon turned him down.

The league was formally organized on February 6, 2018 as an interlocked web of five Delaware limited liability companies: Legendary Field Exhibitions, AAF Players, AAF Properties, LFE 2, and We Are Realtime, LLC.

Which was led by Ebersol through his own manager, Ebersol Sports Media Group, Inc,

and few investors held stakes in some part of the LLC entities.

Alliance of American Football

In March 20 2018, the declaration of AAF came in.

Ebersol sought to focus on creating a solid football product in the hopes that it would attract fans.

He hired a team of experienced football players, coaches and executives to prepare the league for launch.

The management of AAF by former NFL  general manager Bill Polian,

former Pittsburgh Steele-rs safety Troy Polamalu, and executive J. K. McKay.

And, some advisers which includes the former Steelers receiver Hines Ward,

former New York Giants and Oakland Raiders defensive end Justin Tuck, retired referee and current Fox NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira, and Ebersol’s father, Dick Ebersol.

Alliance of American Football

Ebersol was the first XFL game in Las Vegas in 2001,

and remembered how disappointed his father was by the poor quality of play.

To ensure professional-level football at launch, the AAF set out to hire coaches with professional football coaching and championship experience.

April 7 2018, the first team,

Orlando, was declare with its coach Steve Spurrier. 

By June 2018, the league had announced its eight inaugural teams and their cities.

On July 30, 2018, the Alliance announced the league had signed 100 players. 

In August 2018, the league held the Alliance Scouting Combine at three locations and four dates:

August 4, 2018, in Los Angeles, California; August 18 in Houston, Texas; and August 25–26 in Atlanta, Georgia.

In August 24 2018, about 205 players signed. 

These dates provided an opportunity for players cut at the NFL roster deadline,

and each player signed a non-guaranteed three-year contract worth a total of $250,000 ($70,000 in 2019; $80,000 in 2020; $100,000 in 2021),

with performance-based and fan-interaction incentives allowing for players to earn more.

In July 2018, Starter, through G-III Sports, which manufactured NFL jerseys and apparel in the 1980s,

and 1990s, they named the official on-field apparel and game-day uniform supplier for the AAF,

marking a return for the brand to professional football after an almost 20-year absence.

On September 20, the league announced four eastern inaugural franchises’ names and logos.

And,the western teams ‘logos and names revealed .

Alliance of American Football

In October 16 2018,

The Alliance announced its schedule,

Quarterback skills training camps held at the Alamodom in San Antonio on November 12 through 14.

On November 27, the league held a four-round “Protect or Pick” quarterback draft in the E sports Arena at Luxor Las Vegas and broadcast on CBS Sports Network.

The AAF began its inaugural 10-week season on February 9, 2019.

The first points in AAF regular season history, scored by kicker Young hoe Koo of the Atlanta Legends,

who made a 38-yard field goal against the Orlando Apollos.

The touchdown made first came in with the same game as,

Orlando quarterback Garrett Gilbert connecting with Jalin Marshall for a 16-yard score.

The shutout they made first recorded by the Birmingham Iron,

they defeated Memphis Express, 26–0, in Week 1

By week 3, they made their first onside conversion

with Atlanta successfully completing a 48-yard pass against Birmingham.

The safety registered first was,

by Atlanta against the Arizona Hotshots in Week 4.

The overtime game first occurred in Week 7,

with Memphis defeating Birmingham.

A four-team playoff capped with the league’s championship game,

the initial plan held at Sam Boyd Stadium near Las Vegas . After Dundon took over league operations, he moved the game to the Ford Center at the Star in Frisco, Texas.

Alliance of American Football

As it turned out, the run was brief.

After an early investment from Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon, which led to a bump in player salaries, the AAF went under as planned. The league went out with $34 million in total losses, according to a source and a report from the Washington Post.

Who Own AAF?

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) suspended its operations on Tuesday. The league’s majority owner, Tom Dundon, had invested $70 million in cash over a seven-week period, leading some to believe that he owned the business’ underlying technology.

Why did AAF fail?

In 2012, the league found it difficult to find enough teams, and players cause of an insurance problem. The league did not have global coverage.

with the kind of, an enormous deal for a contact sport,

forcing the Orlando franchise,

to hold practices in Georgia,

due to Florida’s lack of worker compensation laws for professional athletes.

10 days after the league’s founding, Dundon bought in.

Who own XFL?

The XFL is owned by Vince McMahon,

things became bad for the WWE owner after the pandemic hit.

Well, the league got off to an impressive start in 2020,

the XFL was only able to make it five weeks through,

its 10-game season before it had to be called off in mid-March due to the pandemic.

One month later, McMahon laid off nearly every employee.

After which, the league declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy,

which was how The Rock was able to gain ownership of it.

Will the Alliance of American Football come back?

The USFL return will be in April 2022, and the league hopes to become the latest in a recent flurry of football leagues (the AAF and XFL) to stake a claim in the spring.

The season will start from mid April to mid June, with playoffs next.

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