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How do we define a home?      

When we say home we are simply saying, safety, a fresh new start, unity, security, a stable foundation, and shelter.


What is a Center?

When we say Center most people will say it’s the middle of something, but I will say it’s a point or place that is equally distant from the sides or outer boundaries of something’


Difference between Center and Centre

When it comes to center we have two similar pronunciation but different spelling but they all have same meaning, we have Center and Centre..

Most people make use of these particular one centre, but it’s all the same only that center is the correct spelling in American English, while in British centre is correct.


So what makes a Home, it is a place of safety where most personal belongings are kept and it’s a place where you feel secured and welcomed. It tells a story and reveals a person and it’s interest.


What exactly is a home Center?            

It’sa large store that is into a broad range of materials and supplies for home renovation or service.

We can also say it’s a large hardware store selling tools, building materials, and other household items a large.



How did home center come into existence?

Home Center belongs to a Dubai-based businessman Micky Jagtiani, he started operating in India about 2 decades ago and runs 83 stores of lifestyle, 331 outlets of value fashion chain max, 51 home center and 65 store of private label brand.

It is also a part of the Landmark Group not companies, an international, diversified retail conglomerate that encourages entrepreneurship to consistently deliver exceptional value is 1973.

So what do we mean by  American Home Center?

American Home Center is the top ranking retailer of manufactured homes in Tacoma, Washington and the surrounding region.


Home centers are perfect for obtaining materials for making or fixing house household items, as well as buying both internal and external design goods.

With a set of professional-grade materials and equipment, home centers are the best place for homeowners.


What is the purpose of the American home center?

The aim of the home center is to expand and impart a sense of warmth and comfort while creating very clear merchandise zones. Let’s just say it is in the business to make homes beautiful.


Our families and homes are the centers of American life, everything we do is to make those homes and the lives in the more beautiful, more comfortable, more functional, more full of life, then light and joy for those we love and care for.


There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort!!

The strength of a nation comes from the integrity of a HOME.



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