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American Log Home



American Log Home

American Log Home

American log home

Let’s discuss about American log home.

Before we go further we need to have an idea of what log is,

What a log home is?

What are the problems?

Difference between a log home and log house.

What is a log?

We can say it’s a part of the trunk or a large branch of a tree that has fallen or been cut off,

It is also the cut down area of a forest in order to exploit the timber commercially.

What is log home?

A log home is a building built for household use or we simply say where it’s a place where family live in.

What is a log house?

A log house is a building or structure built with horizontal logs interlocked at the corners by notching.

You can find it in a round, squared or hewn to other shapes, either handcrafted or milled.

What are the problems of a log house?

They are moisture problems you can find in a log house like, rain, snow, humidity, and damp which can cause damage.

You can also find insects and Ultraviolet radiation which very dangerous.

We can also say it’s a small building of logs notched at the end,

and laid one upon another with the spaces filled with plaster, moss, mortar, mud, or dried manure.

You can find log houses especially in wooded areas.

What differentiates a log home from a log house?

They really don’t have much difference just that a log house is a building for human habitation, especially one that consists of a ground floor while a log home is a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family.

What is American log home?

American Log Homes is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is built on the belief that you can have a high-quality log home dream without breaking the bank. 

This belief is what made them start a company that focuses on manufacturing quality log homes and having the best customer service in the business.

Their managing staff has a combined 150 years of experience, making their company one of the immense knowledge and dependable solutions.

American Log Homes are constructed with only native southern yellow pine logs. These solid logs ensure your new home is built to last and withstand severe weather. They intentionally work with this species because of its durability. Its load-bearing capacity and structural strength make it an ideal material.

The 6” high by 8” wide heart of the tree logs can be cut flat or round inside at no additional cost, allowing you to further customize your own home.

These logs provide you high R-Value insulation, which ensures a warm house in the colder months and a cool house in the warmer ones. Essentially, by using their logs, you are building an energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free dream home.

Let’s have a brief history on how American log home came into existence. American log home

The origin of the first log home date back to the Bronze Age(3,500 BCE) in the northern Europe.

When Europeans began settling in America in the 17th century, they also brought their extensive knowledge and skills of wood construction.

The Finns and Swedes settled along the banks of the Delaware River(New Sweden) in the 1630’s and it’s believed that they built some of the First American Log.

Later immigrants from Germany, Ireland, Scotland, and Britain followed suit and adopted their log-building technique.

So what made log home a popular home choice for early settlers and pioneers?

First, homes required few tools (the ax and foe) and simple materials (lumber), so resources needed to build one were fairly easy to come by.

Secondly, the building process was relatively simple.

For a single man, it would take only a week or two to build a one-room home.

With three men, it could be done in just a couple of days.

Trees have to be chopped down, trimmed, and then dragged to the home site.

Then, the logs must be notched and put together with the chimney and fireplace.

Roof shingles would be cut using the foe.

Because of the weight of the logs, a lone man could build a cabin only about 7 or so logs high. But with a team of men, it was possible to build a two-story log home.

These log cabins often lasted several generations, making them a reliable shelter for the rich and poor alike.

What are the purpose of American log Homes?

They provide a perfect environment and space to enable you wind down at the end of the day and can also be used for entertainment purposes.

In addition to this, log houses are strong and durable enough, hence can withstand various types of weather and season, a touch of luxury to your garden to add beauty.

What are the advantages of American log Homes?

To give that creativity that suits your lifestyle, low strength consumption.

it is environmentally friendly, can withstand any type of whether, can be designed to suit any garden.

What are the disadvantages of American log Homes?

Pest Control Can Be an Issue, one disturbing detractor for log homes is the fact that pests are attracted to materials used, Increased Maintenance and Upkeep.

It’s no secret that American log Homes require much more maintenance than traditional homes, Higher Insurance & Risk.

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