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Celebrities you might not know are related



Celebrities you might not know are related

Celebrities you might not know are related


8 Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Related

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, they say, and in the case of many celebrities, it’s true. From Vanessa Lachey and Nick Lachey to Zac Efron and Dylan Efron, these famous folks are related—and not just distantly so! Here are eight celebrities you might not know are related.

1) Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is often associated with Paris Hilton, who is her first cousin. Her mother, Dina Lohan, also starred in a sex tape, released as 1 Night in Paris — although she maintains that it was not her in the video. Lindsay has been dating 21-year-old Egor Tarabasov since November 2015 and they have said they plan to marry. She most recently appeared in an Instagram post asking fans to support his new business venture. Linday’s other cousins include Kim and Kourtney Kardashian as well as Nicole Richie and Kyle Richards — all of whom grew up together on shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Simple Life. (Credit: Getty Images)

2) Kylie Jenner and Tyga

Kylie Jenner and Tyga
If you live under a rock and don’t know who Kylie Jenner is, she’s Kim Kardashian’s daughter and also happens to be one of the rich kids of Instagram. If you don’t know who Tyga is, you must not listen to any music that wasn’t released in 2005. Kylie (who just turned 18) was born on August 10th, 1997—coincidentally, Tyga was born on that same day! He is currently signed to Cash Money Records. I guess it’s safe to say they are related!

Another two celebrities who were born on August 10th are John Lennon and Martha Stewart. Okay, so there aren’t really any similarities between these two celebrities, but they do have one thing in common—they share a birthday! Lennon was an English singer-songwriter and activist best known as one of The Beatles; Stewart is an American businesswoman who founded her own lifestyle brand called Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

3) Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

 8 Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Related

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus has always been quite open about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, which makes sense: they met on a movie set (the 2010 romantic comedy The Last Song) and have been dating ever since. However, if you’re a die-hard Miley fan who follows all of her personal endeavors, it’s not impossible that you didn’t know about Hemsworth—because he was part of a different famous family before he married Miley in December 2017.

Liam Hemsworth is Miley Cyrus’ husband, and her first cousin. Yep—he’s one of Billy Ray Cyrus’ kids. Billy Ray was married to Miley’s aunt, which makes Liam and Miley step-cousins.

4) Jimmy Fallon and Chris Rock

 8 Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Related

Jimmy Fallon and Chris Rock

Rock is married to television actress Malaak Compton, who is Chris’ cousin. The couple have one daughter together. Jimmy and Malala have a relationship outside of their family ties, too. In 2003, they performed on stage at Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater as part of a tribute to James Brown. They sang It’s a Man’s World.

Jimmy Fallon is known for hosting The Tonight Show and, before that, his own show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. However, did you know that he’s actually related to comedy legend Chris Rock? Yep, they’re both cousins. Jimmy is Chris’ first cousin twice removed. If that’s not enough connections between these two funny men, they also performed together in 2003 at Harlem’s Apollo Theater as part of a tribute to James Brown. They sang It’s a Man’s World alongside comedian Martin Lawrence and soul singer Bobby Byrd (who wrote and produced it).
Out of all the items on his resume so far — which includes TV show host and comedian — my favourite fact about Justin Timberlake has to be that he used to date Jessica Biel!

5) Anna Wintour and Alexander McQueen

 8 Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Related

Anna Wintour and Alexander McQueen

Yes, they’re both famous in their own right, but did you know that Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour is related to Alexander McQueen? McQueen was born Alexander Smith on March 17, 1969 in London. His parents are named Anne and Bill, and Wintour is his mother’s maiden name. The fashion designer died at age 40 of an apparent suicide in 2010. Before he passed away, he designed outfits for Lady Gaga, Kate Moss and Rihanna (including her 2006 Grammys dress). In addition to editing Vogue from 1989 until 2013, Wintour has also been editor-in-chief of The Face magazine and Harper’s Bazaar US.

6) Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

8 Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Related

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are quite possibly Hollywood’s most adorable couple—but did you know they actually met on Friends ? In 2010, Jennifer went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and confessed to a list of celebrity hookups that included Justin. When asked about her secret success, she jokingly replied, I just find people who are already in relationships … I don’t even know how it happened. Turns out Justin was also in a relationship at the time. The two started dating in 2011 and were married three years later (and they say celebs aren’t good at keeping it in their pants).

7) Kim Kardashian and Colin Farrell

8 Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Related

Kim Kardashian and Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell and Kim Kardashian are related, but they might not know it. It turns out that Mary McCarthy, a great-aunt of Kim’s mom Kris Jenner, is also Colin’s great-grandmother. Sounds crazy, right? Keep reading for a few more celebrities you might not know are related!

How did it happen? A Reddit user traced their family trees, finding that Mary McCarthy was a woman from Kilkenny, Ireland who married an Irish-American. They moved to Boston in 1907 and had five children together. One of those kids – John McCarthy – eventually fathered another son, who would become Colin Farrell’s grandfather. Now you know! Keep reading for more celebrities you might not know are related…
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8) Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, & Jenifer Aniston

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, & Jenifer Aniston
In 1995, Brad Pitt began dating Aniston. While Aniston was still involved with her former boyfriend, a young man named David Arquette, he introduced her to his friend, actor and comedian, George Clooney. Clooney and Aniston began dating in late 1995 after Pitt and Aniston broke up in January of that year.

In March 1997 both couples married on back-to-back days. Both women had babies nine months later (Clooney’s son Alexander born on June 27th; Pitt’s daughter Shiloh born on May 27th). Angelina Jolie is their step-daughter from Jennifer’s first marriage to her former fiancé Jonny Lee Miller. She also has three other children: Zahara Marley (b.

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Why can’t i get true entertainment on Freeview




Why can't i get true entertainment on Freeview

Why can’t i get true entertainment on Freeview

True Entertainment: Why Can’t I Get True Entertainment on Freeview?

Freeview viewers across the UK have been questioning why they can’t access True Entertainment on their television sets, and here’s why…

5 Reasons You Might Not Be Able To Find True Entertainment

Why can't i get true entertainment on freeview
The new channel hasn’t been officially added to your TV license, so you won’t be able to view it. You have an old TV set that doesn’t have a digital aerial connection and you don’t want to pay for installation. You live in Wales and don’t have access to transmitters covering southwest England. You never received a TV license renewal notification and because of that, you didn’t notice there was now another channel available on your aerial. Even if your first four points are covered, there may still be an issue with a reception at your property.

The aerial you have is unlikely to pick up all available channels. You may need a new aerial, or a TV serial booster or amplifier to improve your reception. If you’re away from your property and want to watch content, but don’t know how to change your viewing area, check out our guide How Do I Change My TV Licence Area for help. If you simply don’t want another television channel cluttering up your EPG then why not get rid of channels you never watch using our top tips guide How To Cut Down On Paying For Channels You Don’t Watch.

4 Ways to Change The Channel

1. Upgrade your TV, DVR or set-top box – According to Nielsen, about 37% of homes in the U.S. don’t have a 4K-ready TV set — and that number is expected to rise as more 4K content becomes available (in addition to other video options). But not all devices will be updated right away either. Fortunately, there are still a few ways you can switch over…

2. Adjust your antenna – If you’re not connected to cable or satellite TV at home, you might want to consider getting an HDTV antenna.

3. Buy a set-top box – If you’re looking to get 4K content, you may want to consider buying a compatible set-top box, such as Roku Ultra or Apple TV 4K. These boxes offer built-in streaming services like Netflix and YouTube and cost between $130 and $180 respectively

4. Buy a new DVR – You can also still upgrade your existing digital video recorder by purchasing a TiVo Roamio OTA or an HDHomeRun Extend device ($100 each) if you don’t already have one. The TiVo Roamio OTA comes with either three or six tuners, while HDHomeRun Extend offers four tuners.

3 Tips for Watching True Entertainment Online

In addition to over-the-air, you can watch your favorite shows online and on your mobile device via My True TV. All you need is an Internet connection and a service provider that supports Freeview. If you’re ready to take your home entertainment to another level, read our three tips for watching True Entertainment online. Afterward, be sure to come back here and let us know how it worked out for you. We’d love to hear from you!


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The Nascar Race On Today: What Channel Is It On?

The Nascar race has always been a popular sporting event, but who’s the most popular of them all? Brad Keselowski? Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Kyle Busch? Jimmie Johnson? It depends on what channel you’re watching the race on, and this handy guide to The Nascar Race On Today can help you find out where to watch The Nascar Race On Today so you don’t miss any of the action!

How to watch the NASCAR race on TV

Where to watch each NASCAR race in 2018: Get free streams of all races, including each Chase for the Sprint Cup and All-Star Race, plus qualifying and practice sessions. There are several legal options that can allow you to watch NASCAR online without cable. Below is a guide explaining how to stream NASCAR online and on which devices. Best options include fuboTV, Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue and more!

If you’re a fan of NASCAR and want to watch it on TV without cable, you have several options. fuboTV offers Fox Sports and FS1 in select markets. For example, in New York City, FOX Sports and FS1 are available in live stream form. You can start a free trial of fuboTV today to watch all NASCAR races online through your computer, smartphone or streaming device. Sling TV also offers Fox Sports and FS1 live in select markets nationwide.

How to stream live on Roku, Apple TV, and other streaming devices
Thanks to streaming services like Sling TV, there are lots of ways to watch The Nascar Race on today. It’s even possible to stream the race on select devices like Roku and Apple TV. If you’re interested in watching, here’s what you need to know: Sling Blue starts at $25 a month, which includes TBS (so you can watch The Nascar Race). You’ll have access to live streaming via the Sling TV app for iOS or Android; you can also watch via a web browser if that’s how you roll. Learn more about the channels included with your subscription here.

That covers how to watch The Nascar Race on today, but what about the future? If you want to keep watching beyond your Sling Blue subscription, then it’s time to go shopping. You can either pay for a standalone service like DirectTV Now or Philo (both start at $35/month) or sign up for a streaming TV package that includes the live stream of The Nascar race. Our top picks are fuboTV ($45/month) and Hulu with Live TV ($40/month). Both of these options offer more than 60 channels; fuboTV also comes with unlimited cloud DVR. (Want more details on these services and others like them?

How to use antennas (if your local channels are free)

If you don’t have cable or satellite, you can still watch live TV—for free. The FCC mandates that every home have access to over-the-air television, including major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. In order to get that access, you need an antenna. So how do you know which antenna is right for your location? Well, there are a few factors at play here—the most important being where in relation to local broadcast towers you reside. The closer your home is to said towers, generally speaking (with some exceptions), the better your reception will be of those local channels on a given antenna.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that—as with a lot of products and services these days—antennas don’t come cheap. They can be pricey as high as $100 or more, depending on your location. But it’s worth remembering that cable companies charge a monthly fee for TV access; you likely won’t be paying anything out of pocket for antenna service. And if you have an HDTV, you won’t have to pay anything at all to get high-def channels (though black-and-white TVs require a separate antenna). So there are actually some potential savings involved in using an antenna.

How to listen on SiriusXM Radio

SiriusXM offers several ways to listen to The Nascar Race On Today. You can listen on the SiriusXM Internet Radio App on your computer or mobile device via Play SiriusXM; you can also listen through the SiriusXM Internet Radio Website, or you can use SiriusXM’s Listen tab on your TV (if it has a speaker) and do so through an attached digital media receiver such as the XM Stream Player. Or, if you have a docking station for your smartphone, try connecting your phone directly to that and listening via the Music app.

For example, if you’re at home or in your car, you can listen to The Nascar Race On Today on SiriusXM Internet Radio on channel 808 via Play SiriusXM. You can also listen through your computer via Sound Cloud by clicking here. All you need is an internet connection and a browser that supports HTML5 audio. If you’re not near your computer, however, no worries. As long as your smartphone has a data plan (or Wi-Fi), you’ll be able to listen to The Nascar Race On Today on SiriusXM through streaming apps such as TuneIn Radio and others.

Now I Have To Go Watch A Nascar Race
I’m a big race fan, but I could never tell you what channel NASCAR races are on. (I know they’re on TV, but that’s as specific as my knowledge goes.) That’s where I turn to Google to find out what channel a particular race is on. (In fact, right now I’m looking at channel listings for Daytona International Speedway in Florida.) If you’re like me—i.e., if you want to know what channel a particular sporting event is airing on so you can be sure not to miss it—you’ll want to bookmark today’s SearchWiki post, which includes a complete listing of every television and radio broadcast for every sport.

Did you know that channel listings for races in America’s top four motorsports series—the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), the IndyCar Series, the Verizon IndyCar Series and the Pirelli World Challenge—are available at Google Search? The listings provide all sorts of info, including air times, broadcast networks, locations and more. We include NASCAR schedules as well as race-specific details on qualifying runs, points standings and more.
What Channel Is The Nascar Race On Today – Third Paragraph: You can also use these listings to find out what network a particular sports event is airing on in your area. For example, I live in Virginia and I’m looking forward to watching the Redskins play Carolina tomorrow night.

When it comes to watching NASCAR, there’s no better way to see the race than live and in person. So if you’re trying to figure out the answer to What channel is the NASCAR race on today?, consider packing up your stuff and heading down to your local track. Otherwise, check out a few of these options for getting your motorsports fix!

This year’s Sprint Cup season is in full swing, and fans everywhere are looking for The NASCAR race on today. So what channel is The Nascar race on today? Here is a look at today’s schedule and channel numbers.

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