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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the technology used for equipping computer systems with the ability to make decisions like humans.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), or machine intelligence, is the field developing computers and robots capable of parsing data contextually to provide requested information, supply analysis, or trigger events based on findings.

Through techniques like machine learning and neural networks, companies globally are investing in teaching machines to ‘think’ more like humans.


Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI, is the term used to describe a machine’s ability to simulate human intelligence. Actions like learning, logic, reasoning, perception, creativity, which were once considered unique to humans, are now being replicated by technology and used in every industry.

A common example of AI in today’s world is chatbots, specifically the “live chat” versions that handle basic customer service requests on companies’ websites.

As technology evolves

so does our benchmark for what constitutes AI.

AI isn’t the future of technology — it’s already here. Just look at how voice assistants like Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa have become more and more prominent in our lives. This will only continue as they learn more skills and companies build out their connected device ecosystems.

And while AI is having an enormous impact on individuals with the smart home, an even larger impact can be felt in the e-commerce space. As the market becomes increasingly cluttered, personalization is one of the key ways retailers can differentiate themselves from consumers. In fact, according to a report by Boston Consulting Group, retailers that have implemented machine learning technology for personalization see sales gains of 6-10% — a rate two to three times faster than retailers who haven’t.

And for marketers, AI can make teams more creative and help companies make better management decisions by providing new insights and better data analysis.

Regardless of your industry, AI is everywhere. And it will change the way you do business. The question is: Will you be ready?

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