Computer Science and Information Technology helps on choice of career

Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer Science and Information Technology
Computer Science and Information Technology
Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer Science and Information Technology

What is computer Science?

It is the study of computers,

their properties and use.

it includes the theories and applications of computers.

Computer science caters people to understand the role that computer plays in the world.

It applies the principles of mathematics, engineering

and logic to a plethora of functions,

including algorithm formulation,

software and hardware development,

and artificial intelligence.

Information technology is the study of computers,

and telecommunication systems.

It involves working both with hardware,

including the computer itself,

and its operating system,

and software,

which is programs and applications that run on a computer.

Computer Science and Information Technology

Which is better computer science or information technology?

If you,re skilled at coding, you should choose Computer Science as your major.

For those who are skilled at database,

Information Technology may be a better choice.

What are careers in computer science?

You can get a career from computer science, like:

Software Developer:

They are tasked with creating, and developing websites,programs,

and other applications that run on computers or other devices.

They have the technical expertise to determine what is possible and workable within a company’s software systems

Computer programming skills are highly recommended for this position.

Their pay is usually attractive if working in company.

Web Developer:

They are programmers that are concentrated on coding, designing,

and building out the layout of a website.

As a web developer, you might be tasked with maintaining,

the code for a specific page on a website, designing online forms,

or creating the layout for an email blast.

Computer Science and Information Technology

UX Designer:

UX Designers are in charge of making people’s interactions with devices and platforms easy and enjoyable.

They really understand how people interact with devices, and design products that meet their needs and make them happier

They have the knowledge of programming and computer systems can greatly aid your success in this role–this expertise makes it easier to translate your design vision to your team.

Mobile App Developer:

Mobile App Developers create, code and test for mobile applications, working closely with other programmers to provide useful applications for smart phones, i Pads and other mobile devices.

Information Security Analyst:

Information Security Analysts are in charge of keeping a company’s servers,

computer networks and safety data safe from hackers.

They monitor networks for security threats and install software to protect systems from attacks.. 

You have to be meticulous and detail-oriented in your work, which is mandatory for success in this role, as a whole organization’s security is on the line.

For you to succeed in this role you must possess solid written,

and oral communication skills,

since you will have some interactions with external parties.

Computer Science and Information Technology

Systems Architect:

Systems Architects analyzing a company holistically, and figuring out how to bring the best possible IT strategy for their department’s goals.

They define and design the system architecture, ensuring that all systems are running smoothly and information is flowing efficiently and effectively throughout the company.

To succeed as a Systems Architect, you need the ability to critically analyze the objectives of a business and identify the scale of resources it will require on all sides.

They can provide cost-saving tech solutions and help build software that meets an organization’s strategic goals. To do this, they must have the skills to design systems that are agile, secure and efficient

AI Engineer:

AI Engineers create, test, and develop computer systems with a goal of mimicking human intelligence in said systems.

Some of the tasks they perform include developing AI systems, creating applications and programming tools, testing software, and evaluating their own creations to better refine them

Programming is the heart of this role,

strong communication and problem-solving skills,

alongside a strong understanding of software development, linear algebra, probability, and statistics.

Video Game Developer:

These developers are the coding heroes behind the games you play in your free time. They code on various systems and conceptualize with other developers  to create playable games.

It’s valuable to have a vision and ideas for executing it well, not simply know the programmatic language

Computer Hardware Engineer:

Computer Hardware Engineers are responsible for designing, researching, developing, and building computer systems and components like chips, memory devices, and circuit boards. 

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