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do i need to uninstall old graphics drivers before installing a new card



do i need to uninstall old graphics drivers before installing a new card

Installing the Video Card

The next step for your test is to temporarily install the video card on the system board Proceed as follows:

Place the video card into position, when seating a card, push the card directly down into the expansion slot.

Diagram – insert the video card in the AGP slot

An expansion card inserted into a system board that is not already installed in a case is vulnerable to damage. Be careful that you don’t move the system board much once the card is installed so that the card is not bent as the system board is moved about.

do i need to uninstall old graphics drivers before installing a new card

In this next step, we connect the system board to the power supply and to the monitor and perform POST in order to verify that critical parts are working.

  • Set the system board near enough to the computer case so that the power card can reach the power connections on the system board
  • Connect the power cord, which will only go into the P1 power connector in one direction.

diagram- connect the power cord to the system board

  • This ATX power supply requires that the ATX power switch be connected to the system board. The switch wire comes from the front of the case and connects to the system board at the panel connections. Connect the switch wire to the panel connection.

diagram – connect the ATX power switch to the system

  • Plug the video cable into the video port of the video card.

diagram – all connections to the system board

  • Connect the power cords from the case and monitor to a wall outlet or surge suppressor
  • Before turning on the power, check again that all connections are secure, unused power cords are tucked safely out of harm’s way, and the system-based components are not touching anything metallic or conducive that would ground them or cause a short.
  • Turn on the monitor and the PC, and watch startup BIOS perform the POST test.

diagram- memory test is successful

  • Look for POST to count up a full 64 MB of RAM on the monitor screen. Also, look for POST to display the speed of the CPU and confirm that the speed is correct in order to verify your jumper settings on the system board. Next, POST looks for hard drives and finds none, and then gives an error message when it also cannot detect a floppy drive or keyboard. This is all to be expected, however, the memory test does prove that the critical components of the system already installed are working and that you can continue with the installation.
  • Turn the computer and monitor off, remove the video card, and disconnect power cords (including the power cord from supply to the system board) before continuing the installation.

Step 5:          Installing the System Board in the Computer Case

Installing the system board in the computer case may take more patience than installing other components. The case comes with the necessary spacers and screws, and most system boards align well with most cases. However, sometimes the holes are difficult to align and screws and spacers difficult to install. Some system boards use a small faceplate that is installed between the system-board ports and the case, which creates a well-fitted enclosure around the ports. First, install the faceplate at the rear of the case and then install the standoffs. A standoff (or spacer) is a small plastic or metal peg that separates the system board from the case and holds the system board in place. Standoffs are necessary so that components on the bottom of the system board don’t touch the case, which can cause a short on the system board.

Select the correct faceplate for the rear of the case and install it:

  • This system board comes with three faceplates to cover the ports that come directly off the system board. Select the one faceplate that fits the ports for this system board. The other faceplates can then be discarded.

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