In our world today,

Most people are yet to understand how important Technology is in Education.

Some see it like let me use the common word “waste of time”.

Education is very important in our world today,

In fact if you’re not educated it’s like you don’t belong to any class in the world.

So let’s start by giving the Definition of Education.

What is Education?

Education is the act of Teaching and adding knowledge to others, also it is the act of receiving knowledge from someone else.

Education is also the process of promoting Learning or the addition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits, and personal development.

History Of Education

According to legendary accounts, the rulers Yao and Shun (ca. 24th–23rd century BC) established the first schools.

First Education System established by, Xia dynasty (2076–1600 ).

During Xia dynasty,

The Xia dynasty (Chinese: Pinyin Xiuchuo), is the first dynasty in traditional Chinese historiography.

The Last of the Five Emperor, Gave the throne to him.

So the Government built schools to educate Aristocrats about rituals, literature and Archery, which was important to the ancient Chinese Aristocrats.

So, we can say China was the first country that started education.

But, Modern School System was

brought to India originally by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay in the 1830s.,

English Language and other subjects came into existence,

while some where limited such as Science and Mathematics,

Meta-physics and Philosophy was unnecessary,

and school for children expanded as a place to learn.

The Idea of Education began to spread that Childhood should be a time for Learning,

the Idea and practice of universal, compulsory Public Education developed gradually in Europe,

from the early 16th century on into the 19th.

The First Private Teacher

One of the most learned men of all time, was Confucius (561B. C.), he became the first private teacher in history.
Born of a once Noble family fallen on hard times,

He found himself as an Adolescent with a Thirst for knowledge and nowhere to drink,

Why is Education Important?

1. Education is Important: because it develops critical thinking, therefore it is vital in Teaching a person how to use logic when making decisions and Interacting with people, for example boosting Creativity, enhancing Time Management.

2. Education helps an individual meet basic Job qualifications and makes them more likely to secure better Jobs, it helps in Creating more Employment Opportunities, getting a Job in our Society now is not easy, especially in times of Economic trouble, you need to compete with so many other Candidates for a vacant Position.

In addition, the lower the education level, the greater the number of people applying for the same low-paying entry-level post. However, with the right qualifications and educational background, you will increase your chances of landing a fulfilling job.

So for you to be better than other candidates you need to learn, educate yourself, graduate and get as many qualifications, skills, knowledge, and experience as possible.

3.Securing a higher income: your credentials are what will motivate a potential employer to choose you instead of another candidate. You need to study hard throughout your school and your studies shows you are not afraid of hard work and are able to fulfill your goals.

Employers see this as a huge advantage as they all prefer a responsible and knowledgeable workforce.As a graduate, you start searching for jobs that will give you the opportunity to practice what you have
learned and, at the same time secure sufficient pay for your needs.

4.Developing Problem-solving Skills: one benefit of education is that the educational system teaches us how to obtain and develop critical and logical thinking and make independent decisions.

5. Creating Equal Opportunities: The importance of education in our society has always been great as it is irrespective of caste, race, gender, religion.

it offers a possibility to live independently and thus be free. It is our shelter against financial storms and wrong decisions. 

Today, educational goals increasingly encompass new ideas such as liberation of learners, critical thinking about presented information, skills needed for the modern society, empathy and complex vocational skills.

Educational Technology

Educational Technology is the field of study that investigates the process of analyzing, designing, developing, implementing,

and evaluating the instructional environment, learning materials, learners,

and the learning process in order to improve teaching and learning.

It is the combined use of computer hardware, software,

and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning.

When referred to with its abbreviation Ed tech,

it is often referring to the industry of companies that create educational technology.

Examples of education technology includes using cloud-based learning software, apps, blogs or discussion boards, digital whiteboards, and other interactive online tools for students and teaching.

Design, development, utilization, management and evaluation are the five basic components of the field.

These terms refer to both areas of the knowledge base and the functions performed by professionals in the field.

Each component of Educational Technology includes a body of knowledge based on both research and experience.

The purpose of Educational Technology is to improve the quality of education and enhance the learning process.

Most importantly, technology should magnify the teaching and learning process as well as facilitate better performance of educational systems as it emphasizes upon effectiveness and efficiency.

Benefits of Educational Technology

The benefits of Educational Technology are: engagement, students who use technology in the classroom may be more engaged,

Collaboration, Technology makes it easier for students to collaborate and save their work. …

Inclusion, differentiation, productivity, creativity, automation, future focus.

Advantages of Educational Technology

1.Provides a better interactive experience during the learning and teaching process.

2. Provides access to an unlimited amount of current information and data from a variety of sources.

3.Teaches them digital literacy 

4.Reduces educational costs

5. Provides better insight into student performance thanks to metrics 

6. They can choose between real-time learning or learning at their own pace 

Like we say whatever has advantage also has disadvantage, so here is the disadvantage of Ed-Tech

Disadvantages of Educational Technology

1. Reduces direct peer interaction. 

2. Maintaining modern technology is very expensive. 

3. Reduced number of teachers due to automation and reduced salaries. 

4. It is distracting both in the classroom and outside of it. 

Now, to some of us is Ed-Tech actually a Good career?

Yes it is has emerged as a growth powerhouse, supporting the economy through investments and new jobs.

Ed-tech’s role has become invaluable at a time when traditional learning centers have become out of bounds due to the pandemic.

For job seekers, Ed-tech could be one of the safest and highly rewarding career opportunities.

Giving back to the community, how does education benefit society?

Educated people understand how valuable it is to live in a stable and secure community.

They are more prone to taking part in projects that help improve not only their neighborhood but society, as well.

So when people are able to afford their own home, they are more likely to take part not only in improving their homes but in  solving local problems as well.

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