“Get traffic to your website free”

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“Get traffic to your website free”

"Get traffic to your website free"

How To Create Google Targeted Traffic For Your Website or Blog 2021

One of the fatal errors that online marketers fail to do and can be the kiss of death is spending time performing keyword investigation.

Through the natural process of organic searches through keywords and keyword phrases is what attracts our “Google Targeted Traffic” and helps to place the spotlight on all our online campaigns.

The end result of keyword research is to find a keyword with somewhat low competition and lots of people searching for that particular keyword The captured data that comes from the “paid-for” tools like Market Samurai and Jeet gives information that is way more accurate than the Free Google’s keyword tool.

However, Google’s keyword tool will still provide a general overall picture All of this captured data is important especially if you are going to scale up your online businesses.

“Google Targeted Traffic” is what all online marketers want. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but the targeted traffic is actually people.

Here is How To “Get traffic to your website free”

These are the people who visit my blogs, and websites and respond to my offers and links. And if my content is extremely boring or not at all of interest to them then I have lost them – They won’t want to join my mailing list or friend me on Facebook or Tweet to their friends about me.

"Get traffic to your website free"

So my content has to be exciting, trendy, enthralling, and captivating or they will be like smoke here today gone tomorrow with no trace of them ever having been here. I believe sometimes as online marketers we become forgetful of the human factor of traffic. That those statistics and data are comprised of human beings with feelings and emotions.

That is what is important to apprehend the value of this “Google Targeted” and how to manage them. As I said earlier if all your content is boring, dull, and lifeless then expect nothing and no traffic. So the question is how to create Exceptional exciting content to capture the “Google Targeted Traffic”?

Keywords are key in the first and foremost title and having some copywriting skills would be helpful in the area of composing titles that will compel people to read them.

So much so that they can’t avert their eyes away but must finish reading the title! People’s natural curiosity and instincts love the “How to” titles as well as “7 Tips to” title.

How to write these compelling titles and learn copywriting skills are easy just “Google it” and you will find many free sites that offer instruction online on what works and what doesn’t.

Just remember that you could have the sweetest content but the title is the hook! So people have to be baited into reading further…

Being appealing to the eyes is important as well so have your content in small sections broken down so as not to scare people off with loads of information just shoved in front of their face with no paragraph breaks. My suggestion is BREVITY. Powerful insightful words in short sentences and short paragraphs.

Graphics are always appealing and serve to break up the paragraphs of words as well.  “get traffic to your website free”

More than ever today, using videos helps traffic to lead into conversions as well. Videos help the “Google Targeted Traffic” to see you as a human being too and break the ice and reveal that there is someone human behind all of this too. There are so many courses out there to help with learning how to create attractive videos to attract volumes of “Google Targeted Traffic”.

See how you can “Targeted Traffic For Your Website or Blog in 2021”

In another article, I wrote about Guest Posts and how that really helps to drive traffic back to your website, blog, product, services. It is a win-win for everyone involved as they get original, free content and you get more targeted traffic. It is a victory and a great joint venture that could turn into a consistent future business arrangement.

In another article that I wrote I explain the power of participating in Blogs and Forums as they usually let you leave a link in your signature that will link back to your website. I will also be explaining how to “get traffic to your website free”

And the other benefit is if that other blog is within your own market niche you will be able to stand out as an authority in your market niche and start attracting even more visitors to your website, blog, product, and service.

I believe in posting my links on various social media and social bookmarking sites as well. The more the merrier and the more exposure.

My favorite is writing and creating articles and submitting to article directories. I have always gotten consistent traffic from my articles and they last a long time as long as they are on display on the internet and that can be a long time. The importance of these backlinks from them is so important to my business as I have seen it work time and time again.

Whenever I need exposure for a campaign I write articles and it never fails to bring me “Google Targeted Traffic” There are thousands of article marketing directories that always want and need original creative quality content too.

From each article directory, you submit your article to it equals a backlink, and imagine thousands of those backlinks equals a paying customer.

Plus Google determines your rank on the number of backlinks to rank and index your website. As well as, the added bonus of readers, reading your whole article and clicking the link in your author resource box thus ending up at your website, offer product, and service.

Thus creating additional “Google Targeted Traffic” which is the whole intent of completing all these actions in the first place. “Get traffic to your website free” it’s absolutely necessary

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