how to see your friends’ posts on your Instagram feed

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how to see your friends’ posts on your Instagram feed

Very annoying, when you follow lots of friends and want to see their new photos at your Instagram feed in real-time, but you can’t see the posts due to some reasons. How many times do you want to fix it? Now this article tells you how to fix read more at

Instagram feed, also referred to as a stream, is nothing but the unending list of posts from your friend, as well as all potential followers on your account. There are some ways for you that are unlike Instagram. In case if you want to see the same, then you will have to make use of Instagram read more at

How to fix Instagram updates and why are posts of your friend not showing on your feed? Here are some tips you have to know! Check that out now folks!

While you see your friends’ posts on the Instagram feed, often you might wish to see posts of those members who are not in your friend list. You can do this by adding the member in that list through his Instagram link present in the bio section of that particular profile.

How to See Your Friends’ Posts on Instagram Feed?

Did you know that Instagram scrolls through photos based on what is most engaging, regardless of when the posts were made? This means that if you post a photo at 10 am and post another at 11 am with the same number of likes, the second image will not automatically appear. Here are some tips on how to make your posts more engaging so they naturally get more attention.

Instagram has become a favorite social media platform for everyone, as it provides with a cool user experience and also has some great features which allow you to see your friends’ posts on your Instagram feed and also allows users to comment.

Have you ever encountered this problem? Why do I have to scroll so much to see my friends’ posts on my Instagram feed? A friend told me it was because of the algorithm Instagram uses. It knows what is important to me and will make sure that only those show up in my feed. But why is it always showing me posts of models, celebrities and “influencers”? There must be a better way…

On your Instagram profile’s home page, tap the menu icon in the top left.

Instagram is a fantastic app to share your photos with friends, but there´s one problem that most people don’t realize: you can´t see everyone’s posts on your Instagram feed. This video shows where to set your privacy preferences so you can see all of the pictures from all of your friends on Instagram.

Instagram is a useful, fun, and easy platform to share your photos. However, there are many features you may not know about Instagram, including how to see more posts from your followers on Instagram.

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