How to study English fast and effectively

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How to study English fast and effectively


How to study fast and effectively Now having English as a second language should not be a hindrance to expedite one’s learning progress. It is up to a person’s attitude and knowledge on what to do.

One day, while I was waiting for my next English class to start, I heard the students in the group class before mine, asking the teacher about how will they learn English fast and easily if they do not actually use it in their country as a second language. After hearing that, I thought of butting in, but realizing I am not in the position to answer their question since they have a teacher at that time to respond to that, I stopped myself. And then I wondered, “Do they have a point there?” “Ah no,” I told myself.

The reason why we study the English language

The reason why we study the English language For me, it is just an excuse. I personally, do not speak English just because it is our second language. Absolutely not! We had not even been talking in English at home. And I did not, as well, learn English very well in school. But mind you, it was not because my teachers were not good, but it was due to the fact that I did not give much attention to the subject at that time, which of course was not a really good attitude. I have learned English by heart.

English language advantage and How to study English fast and effectively

English language advantage Then suddenly, I remembered my previous students who have learned to speak fluently in English in just a short period of time, and English is not their second language. I examined closely their characteristics, one by one. I thought of their similarities and differences. They are from different countries, for sure. Certainly, their cultures and school curriculum are not the same, too.

Ah, they all in fact have one thing in common –their attitude when it comes to English; they are “unstoppable.” They are aggressive, eager learners who do not rely on their teachers alone when it comes to studying English. They listen intensively and repetitiously consistently to voices in English, whether in person, on T.V.s, or through online classes. They practice every now and then with trust and confidence that they will eventually become effective English speakers. And I salute them because they knew what they wanted and they acted and are still acting upon it.

Learning English is just like any other subject in school; you have to study by heart and habitually practice with a positive attitude. Do not ever think that it is impossible. It was not impossible to us, and so, it is not impossible to you, too. It is just a matter of practice. Just like Napoleon Hill, one of my favorite motivators, in one of his books stated, “Perfection will come through practice. It cannot come by merely reading instructions.” I follow the same principle and I hope you follow the same if you really want to become a good English conversationalist.

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this few words will help on how to study English fast and effectively

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