If You Are A Graduate and you Didn’t Study These Courses You May Be Jobless By 2030

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In the next 5-10 years, some professions will fade off the world and graduates of these professions will become more useless than ever except they up their skills.

Instead of wasting your money sending your children to the university to study irrelevant courses to later populate the unemployment statistics of Nigeria, it will be better you take them through what I call “the job of the future”.

Today we are at the process of what has been termed the 4th Industrial Revolution. This isn’t far at all. In many ways the future is already here! The pace of change is rapid and the world of work is being transformed by technology at an ever increasing pace.

To be prepared for the future you have to understand it. Will there be enough employment in the future, and if so what will that job be? How should you upskill or reskill and what do these terms mean anyway? Should you become an entrepreneur and start your own business to diversify your livelihood? Should you develop a portfolio career with multiple sources of income? Which occupations will thrive, and which ones will decline? By one popular estimate, 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist!

Below are ‘some’ of the skills/professions that will thrive in the future for those who would want to plan ahead for the future:

1. Coding And Software Enhancement
2. Networking Development
3. Web Design, Mobile Application, Robotic Science etc
4. Algorithms Designer
5. Cloud Computing
6. UI/UX Designer
7. Online Frameworks
8. Software Computing
9. Database Administrator
10. Public Relations
11. Video Production/Audio Production
12. Sales (Ex. Affiliate, Offline (e-commerce)
13. Digital Marketing & SEO
14. Copywriting
15. Content Creation
16. Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
17. Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking
18. Machine Learning
19. Financial Management
20. Trading
21. Foreign Languages
22. Management Consulting
23. Art, design, photography
24. Sports/Fitness Coach/Nutritionist
25. Data Science
26. Information Security Analyst
27. Registered Nurse (RN) & Medicine
28. Technical Writer
29. Software Developer
30. Human Resources (HR) Manager
31. Teaching/ Special Needs Courses
32. Social Work
33. Agriculture


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