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up as part of the installation, are an administrator account, and one guest account.Information and communications technology

The User Manager under Administrative Tools

2. To create a new user account, click on the User menu and select New User. The New User dialog box is displayed.

3. Enter the information requested about the user. WheInformation and communications technologyn logging on, the user will enter the username and password.

4. Click on the Groups icon at the bottom of the dialog box, and the Group of Memberships dialog box is displayed showing that in this example the new user JEAN is a member of the Users group, the default choice unless the administrator changes it. The available groups that a user is not a member of are listed on the right. The group with the most rights is the Administrators group. The administrator can assign rights to an entire group that applies to all users in that group. Click Ok to return to the New User dialog box.

Start, Programs, Administrative Tools

5. From the New User dialog box, click on Dial-in, and the Dial-in Information dialog box is displayed.

6. Check the Grant dial-in permission to user box, to allow the user to access this workstation from a remote PC, using a modem.

7. Click OK to return to the New User Dialog box

8. Click Profile in the New User dialog box and enter the path and name of a profile to apply to this individual user. Click OK when done.

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