iPhone13 just Leak Confirmed big 5G upgrade

iPhone13 Leak Confirmed

iPhone13 just Leak Confirmed big 5G upgrade

iPhone13 Leak Confirmed

Recently, it was revealed that MUST-HAVE PHONE ACCESSORIESiPhone 13 is going to be unveiled…An amazing fact remains that no matter how new or old iPhone ranges show up on our media, we would still have a flare for the upcoming ones.Just like everyone looks forward to a successor either over a throne, a family, an appliance, or even general objects, so is the case of the range of iPhones that keep evolving and getting us mind blown.

Many are looking forward to the amazing distinct and features that separate it from the not to old iPhone 12. We have come up with interesting leaks to look out for in iPhone 13. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming iphone13.


No doubt,iPhone never seems to keep amazing us with its camera features. Every upgrade that is introduced comes with a distinct camera feature. Our leak has it that the upcoming iphone13 has its camera features to be a ‘ folding periscope lens’ which can be translated to mean zoom-in capabilities. Analyst, ross young, predicted that it would come with larger sensors for increased light and better quality photos.

Macbook vs Pc laptop comparison Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that it would have larger apertures on its ultra-wide cameras. This implies an increase in photo brightness. He went down to report that there will be no new camera lens for iPhones until 2022.

An addition to this is the inclusion of LiDAR Sensors on the iphone13 mini, not just on the pro. Wow! Such feature. This would go a long way in helping photographers, photo geeks or even down to personal lives.


We also heard that iPhone 13 is coming with a borrowed update from its own product – The Apple Watch. The borrowed feature is an always-on display that connotes the ability to get necessary information while your device is in sleep mode. Such information can be the display of your clock, battery life, and important notifications.


Another leak about the iphine13 is that the battery life is massive as it would be the first to adopt a ‘soft board battery’. This automatically means that the battery can be thinner, lighter to fit into the superb external feature.

Be mindful that the iPhone 12 maxes out at 20W charging but no specification has been made for iphone 13. According to Bloomberg, this device might not have reverse wireless charging which would aid the iPhone to charge devices like AirPods Pro and Apple Watch.


Ipad PRO SUPER SLICK 120hz ProMotion:

iPhone13 just Leak Confirmed big 5G upgrade

This leak feature would favor game programmers because of its animation display. It helps in super-smooth scrolling for motion and video editing.



Another leak is the port-less feature it could be introducing. If it can do away with a charger for iPhone 12, definitely it can prof to us that iPhone 13 could go port-less. I mean, it introduced a magnetic MagSafe charging for the iPhone 12 which implies they are bent on turning customers away from power reliability.

John Prosser, an Apple tipster publicly tweeted a port-less feature for upcoming iPhones. It is either it does port-less or introduces Qi induction as its common charging solution.


The apple company is bent on rebranding the external features of their products. This is always seen in their every upgrade. One leak about the iPhone 13 is to follow the lead of iPhone 12 which gave us a high standard replica of the iPhone 5. The supposed feature is notch-less baggage which will give an even screen display, especially for digital artists.


Apple’s doggedness of releasing its products in September had a halt and shift in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than the ritualistic release every September 24th, it was moved to October. This year 2021, it might maintain its September or be shifted backward or forward. Anything can really happen. Nevertheless, we are sure of its release in 2021.


Here comes the gig leak of the super iPhone 13. Unfortunately, we only know a little about this model’s price. Though reports have it that it would repeat the size range of 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, 6.1inch iPhone 13, 6.1inch iphoine13 pro, and a 6.7inch iphone13 pro max.

The costing range maybe $699, $799, $999, $1,099 respectively. Let’s see how it goes by then.



Standard or upgraded 128GB Storage

Improved camera zoom

120Hz display

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