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Macbook vs Pc laptop comparison



Macbook vs Pc laptop comparison

MacBook vs Pc laptop comparison

Macbook vs Pc laptop comparison

Personally, I prefer macOS for a number of reasons.

  1. It’s more stable. It simply doesn’t crash anywhere close to a Windows PC. In fact, in 2.5 years of having my MacBook, I have not once had a full system crash. I’ve had the odd app that needed a “Forced Quit” but that too has been rare. I have switched to using macOS at home and Windows 10 for work. It really is night and day.
  2. The GUI is cleaner. The last time Microsoft had a good interface was Windows 7 and even then, macOS beats it in both design and functionality. I don’t know how I would describe the current Windows Start Menu but it leaves a lot to be desired.
  3. Messages work great from both macOS and my iPhone. It’s easy to start a conversation on one device but then continues it on the other should I arrive at my desk or need to leave and text on the go.
  4. I can receive calls within macOS as long as my phone is on the same network. No extra software required.
  5. Safari is a great browser and I much prefer it over Chrome or Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.
  6. Malware and viruses are practically non-existent. My parents have a Windows 10 PC and I also gave them an older MacBook for when they travel. Whenever I go over I usually do a malware scan of their computer. Windows 10 – 600 items… riddled which I then cleaned and finally took Admin rights away from my dad. macOS? Zero…
  7. Microsoft Office 365 works just as well if not better than what I experience with it at work. At work on a Windows 10, I frequently have Outlook crashes, Excel spreadsheets ghosting parts of the interface (literal blocks go missing from the Excel window). At home, though I have little need for Office when I do need it, works well.
  8. iCloud works pretty flawlessly between my iPhone, MacBook, and iPad. After having multiple sync issues between OneDrive files I was sharing with my wife when I was still running Windows 10 myself at home I looked to other options like DropBox. Now we use that for sharing and I use iCloud to store my photos and other files. Whenever I change to a new iPhone I just need to login to iCloud and everything is there waiting for me in the Photos or Files apps.
  9. The trackpad on a MacBook is second to none. It’s seriously the only one I’ve ever used that has made me think I could get by without a mouse. So smooth to use…
  10. Notifications are actually useful in macOS and easily silenced or responded to.
  11. Family Sharing allows me to share music or movies with the kids or to enable Ask To Buy to ensure they don’t rack up credit card charges when they want to buy something and it allows me to approve their purchases (even free ones) so I can make sure my wife and I are OK with what apps they are downloading before they download them. Works on both iOS and macOS.

Macbook vs Pc laptop comparison

MacBook vs Pc laptop comparison I could go on but I think I’ve covered a lot above. There’s a reason that Microsoft and Google are now just basically copying Apple today. You pay more for the Apple brand but when you compare specs with similar spec Windows laptops it isn’t really all that much more. For a better experience and better build quality, I’m willing to pay a little more for a computing experience with fewer hassles.

 do not. I chose Linux over Windows.

I have used Macs before, and I find them very annoying, with how they have different key sequences for copy and paste, for example. As a developer, Macs just “feels wrong” to me. Kinda like Linux, but really not.

Not to mention that Macs are overpriced for what they do. You can get a PC for half the price that can do everything the Mac does.

I personally get the impression that Macs are for snobs. Those that would turn their nose up at you for using anything else. And Apple, well, is enjoying having a group of loyal users willing to pay twice the price.

Since I’m in ramble mode, let me continue. About 4 or 5 years ago, I once had a very bad experience in the big Apple store here in Berlin. They kept ignoring me as they went to serve other customers that came in after I did. My wife wanted a Macbook and I wanted to purchase it for here.

I had to practically jump up and down on my head to get help.

Finally, I got it, and the guy said, “So you actually want to buy a Mac”. Is this the way Apple trains its sales personnel? To ignore some customers for whatever reason? Why would I step foot in that store unless I wanted to buy something? Perhaps I don’t have “snob appeal?” That must be it.

I simply suck at being a snob and damned proud of it. MacBook vs Pc laptop comparison

Not to mention that Apple way is “My way or the highway”. Apple wants you to do things their way. Like how you handle your music, for instance. If I don’t want to use iTunes and stick my content on a thumb drive instead, that’s the way I want to do it. And Apple will make your life a living hell for doing so. Gotta be through iTunes.

Speaking of iTunes, another amusing story here. I got hit by identity theft once, and someone charged a hefty amount to iTunes using my credit (debit) card. How they got my info is anyone’s guess, but they committed this criminal act just to get some songs from iTunes!!! The stuff they could have downloaded for free without the same level of criminality.

Well, I approached iTunes with this and asked them to reverse the charges. They refused, and said I had to go through my bank instead!!! What? Why?

I did, and got my money back — and I needed to go to them anyway to cancel that card and get a new one. But it left a very nasty taste in my mouth for Apple.  So here in the computer arena with check the different MacBook vs Pc laptop comparison

Thanks for reading my rants!

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