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The strive to make the world a better place is almost as old as the world itself. Man has constantly been on the look-out for a better means of living. This can be easily seen from the advancement of man from the stone age, the iron age, the bronze age, to the industrial revolution (of which we are in the fifth) With each breakthrough man has made. New problems are created because the wants of man is insatiable.

With that being said, this article is going to bring to the fore a breakthrough in the world of information and communication technology (SMART TECHNOLOGY). It will then discuss the prospects of this technology in the Nigerian economy. So keep reading, this piece is very insightful!

Smart Technology for Dummies


Despite the many havocs that have occurred in 2020, the dawn of the 21st century actually ushered in an improved era – an era that we are still benefitting from today. The 21stcentury ushered in the technological revolution. It ushered in the transition from the fourth industrial revolution to the fifth and hence ushered in the technological advancements we are anticipating today.

Although smart technology is probably old news for some, its’ definitely news in Nigeria and this article will establish the prospects of the technology in the Nigerian economy. Smart technology can be seen as a form of artificial intelligence that’s meant to make the daily operations of every individual easier and it is quickly paving the way for the next global innovation.

The term smart technology is yet to have a universally accepted definition. This is because the technology is continuously evolving and breaking the limits of previous definitions but there is one

a unique feature of this technology. The device collects user data from its operations, analyzes them, and makes reports based on that analysis to relevant control centers such as your smartphone or a local control room.

The technology combines AI, big data analysis, and machine learning to bring to life appliances that would have been otherwise referred to as inanimate with the massive rate of growth of this technology, it is applied to more everyday objects on a daily basis.

Smart technology is going to change the way Nigerians live, communicate, and conduct the activities of their daily lives. There are numerous smart devices that are already available on the market but they all be categorized into three different kinds of smart technology.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Smart Connected Devices

Smart Devices

These differ in to basic ways: firstly they differ in their mode of operation and secondly the application. While both smart connected devices and smart devices are used for personal needs such as your home appliances and personal needs, IoT devices are used for larger-scale applications such as smart cities although they can still be used for basic needs.

The prospects of a device as powerful as the smart technology device within the Nigerian economy is quite limitless. This giving it much thought, there are basic benefits that would naturally just roll of the tip of your tongue. Benefits such as convenience, sustainability, efficiency, security, and of course the fact that it would save a lot of time and money if it is applied properly.

But that’s just the basics, smart technology in its entirety is meant to birth smart homes, smart lives, smarts cities, and of course a smart Nigeria. We are at the dawn of a new era and hopefully Nigeria will partake of this great wave.

As promised this article is going to give a detailed preview of the prospects of smart technology in Nigeria. The first application we are going to discuss is smart homes. In simple terms, smart homes are homes that utilized smart technology for every operation. It is a home that is fully automated by smart technology.

If you have seen the movie, Iron man – then you are well aware of his computer assistant – Jarvis.

With smart technology, that movie feature can be brought to your home and that’s just a few of the applications of smart technologies if it is brought into the home. Of course, the home is going to be expensive but the benefits are worth it. Imagine having a smartphone tell you when someone has broken into your home while simultaneously informing the police and taking pictures of the culprit.

That is the level of convenience smart technology in its entirety offers in a smart home. At the moment the only barrier between Nigerians and this level of comfort is financial but that barrier will be leveled when the technology is launched on a global scale.

At the moment there is a couple of household automated technologies that are available at relatively inexpensive prices. These devices can partial home automation till the technology is made more affordable.

smart speaker, hub, or both

This is a device that allows you to control other smart devices from your smartphone. You can control the following smart devices with a smart speaker or smart hub.

Smart bulbs

Smart outlets

Smart thermostats

Smart locks

Smart security cameras

Robotic vacuums

Smart blinds

Smart alarm clocks

Smart kitchen tech

Smart bathroom tech

These devices give are just a peak off the iceberg in the world of smart technologies. The best of smart technologies is yet to come. The basic idea is that with a smart speaker or smart hub you can easily control all the above-listed devices and the best part is that you don’t have to own all the devices. You could just own a smart hub and a smart kitchen tech and that will equal a smart kitchen.

Besides smart homes, another application that has already been used in other places outside Nigeria is smart cities. The idea here is that if this is inconceivable in Nigeria without the involvement of the government. If the government should make it a goal to produce a smart city it would greatly benefit both the government and the people. Till that happens bear in mind that you can automate your home room by room with smart technologies.

So what do you think? Is smart technology for Nigeria?

Drop your thoughts in the comment section below!

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