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Yaaayyy!!! It’s world recycling day 2021, and it’s so much pleasure partaking in the revolution to make mother earth a better place. Recycling simply put, is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products.

Over the years, international and local organizations have stood up in a bid to tackle environmental inadequacies, simply because recycling can benefit your community and the environment. Moreso, there have been several myths about recycling that have dwindled for long in hearts, which is why in commemoration of today’s celebration, we have chosen to discuss those bizarre myths.

Also, to help you overcome such myth, we have put out some benefits of recycling which includes;

  • Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators
  • Conserves natural resources like timber, water, and minerals
  • Adds to economic security through the tapping of a domestic source of materials
  • Prevents pollution
  • It saves energy
  • It supports bodies involved in manufacturing and conserves of valuable resources
  • Helps create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing field

This mythical ideology is one that first begins with a lackadaisical, carefree, nonchalant, and complacent attitude toward making your environment clean. One of the most efficient and effective ways to manage waste is to manage it in your home or immediate environment through recycling.

Worldwide, it is confirmed that millions of persons make a living out of collecting wastes, and recycling. These persons surprisingly are marginalized inhabitants, who go out of their way in adding their quota to the environment, thus reducing the risk in heath, through recycling. Anthony Collins, A1’s owner, told the Huffington Post, “[Trash pickers] keep you afloat, keep you busy, keep your employees working.”

A data report states that “In Brazil, where the government tracks the country’s estimated 230,000 full-time waste pickers, they have helped drive up recycling rates to nearly 92 percent for aluminum and 80 percent for cardboard. (Compare that to 75 percent for aluminum and 70 percent for cardboard in the U.S.).

Studies show that more than three-quarters of such waste pickers are actually selling their finds to established businesses within the recycling chain. So informal waste pickers are often working with formal enterprises, rather than competing against them.

One such example is the Al Electronic Recycling Center in South Los Angeles, where 90 percent of the redeemable material they process is brought by local trash pickers, many of them homeless, who are paid for the material.

MYTH 2: Everything can only be recycled once anyway, why should I BOTHER?

So many items can be recycled as many times as possible, not minding the quality of material being used to produce them. Ranging from glass, metals, plastic, papers, bottles, and even aluminum. It was a fact year back that recycled papers usually end up having tiny fibers but there’s been a drastic change in the quality of the product which has made recycling better, easier, and more durable.

As for plastics, like food flask, because of the polymers that break down during recycling, they can only be recycled once or twice. But then, plastic producing companies are looking out for ways they can make their products efficiently recycled.


First, I wouldn’t blame such mythical ideology on this. A major reason for this is simply because the default is enlightening. I mean, nobody cares to enlighten citizens about the massive impact recycling adds to the environment.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the massive benefit of recycling is explicit and clear in the sense that recycling cans more than 95 percent of the energy needed to male new cans from materials. For the cans, 60 to 74 percent of energy is being saved, for plastics and glass, one-third of energy is saved, while for papers, 60 percent is saved. A fun fact is that four hours of 100-watt energy is being saved for light bulb production.

The truth remains that Recycling helps reduce litter, and creates jobs. Though many persons still go against the government sponsoring and supporting private firms who carry out environmental activities while others say it is a valuable tool in the fight against climate change, pollution, and other major issues our planet now faces. In many countries, recycling is not simply a government program but a collective responsibility with so many industries rising up to tackle environmental inadequacies. In fact, there’s a remarkable degree of competition and innovation amongst private sectors who are solely involved in this and see it as a positive financial benefit.


This is one myth that is so wrong. It’s important that we spread the good news that separating trash from recycling is key. As a household or worker in a company, you need to look into differencing your dirt from recyclables. There is a high degree of risk when you join together your bottles, plastics, and papers, rather there should be a need for separation.

Putting items in the recycling bin that don’t belong can provoke problems later in the recycling process. Broken glass is especially important to keep out of the paper recycling bin because it can seriously damage paper processing plants’ machinery.


With the daily revolution in the digital age, we have a lot of pf electronics that can be recycled, rather than carelessly discarding them. Electronic retailers like BestBuy, Staples, Samsung, Sony, and LG surprisingly welcome the idea of recycling. Do well to check with schools, businesses, and nonprofits in your area to see if they could make use of your old tech.


The first state to pass a beverage container disposal law was Oregon in 1971. However, recycling programs didn’t start spreading in the United States until well into the 1990s. Up till now, there are only ten states in America that have dedicated disposal laws. Unsurprisingly, many people are not enlightened about the recycling process.

Recycling is one of the staples of the environmental movement. There are thousands of items you probably use every day that are made up of recycled materials. Contrary to common belief, products made from recycled materials are just as comparable in quality as other non-recycled alternatives.

The myths surrounding recycling programs are problematic because they deter home and business owners from participating in a practical, environmentally-friendly task. Recycling is easy, especially in a single-stream system. There is absolutely no reason to refuse to recycle your waste. Whether you own a home, business, or other commercial property, contact a waste management service to set up your recycling program today. Implementing a recycling program is the first step in reducing your impact on our environment.


What is your take on recycling?

What do you think is its impact?

Do you agree with the aforementioned myths or you disagree?

Are you willing to partake in recycling?

Don’t fail to kindly drop your comments in the comment session. Thank you


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