Rojo reply Zlatan 🗣:

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Rojo reply Zlatan 🗣:

“He wanted all the balls , you see .We’re winning 1-0 at Old Trafford . We had the ball . We were giving them a dance , I was playing as a centre-Back ““I came out with the ball , i pass half the pitch . Then he pulls back . The pass between the lines was there . But Pogba was alone on the left so I gave it to him , and Paul began to dribble . Zlatan start cursing me: pass the ball . , I said :”Shut up big nose 👃, you want all the balls ⚽

We finish the game and we go to the dressing Room . I’m in my place , taking off my boots . And he enters angrily he kicks something .

He stops, looks at me and yells at me , ‘What did you say ❓’. So i also stop and say :’What did you say to me ❓🤔Although inside i was hoping someone would separate us , because he could have killed me “


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