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A lot of things have happened in the year 2020 and one prominent event that occurred in the year 2020 is the spread of the knowledge of 5G to the general population.

Of course, quite a number of people knew about this technology before now but it wasn’t until this year that the masses caught the wave of the new technology. The benefits of the technology were heavily debated as many believed that it would cause more harm than good. By the end of this article, you will fully understand what the 5G network is and you will completely grasp what it offers.

The paper will discuss the definition of 5G and the benefits it offers so keep reading!


The first mobile network introduced to the world was 1G and as science continued to advance, we have used 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Now, 5G is a combination of the best parts of all the past networks. In a way, it can be seen as a super network as it applications go beyond the borders of communication to affect every industry known to man. It is important to note that the 5G network has not been developed to operate at its full potential yet. As it is, the 5G network

will have to operate on the same platform with 4G networks till it is modified to stand alone through subsequent upgrades. The major highlight of the 5G network is a more speedy connection rate. This connection rate can be viewed in two ways. Firstly we have a connection to internet services and secondly, the connection to other devices (Latency). The connection is so fast, it is best described as instantaneous.


The 5G network will usher in fixed wireless access for homes and enhanced broadbands through phones, tablets, etc. The 5G network is expected to improve the operations of global industries. The network will serve as the backbone of the internet of things (IoT).

The internet of things is a very broad concept which will be covered in successive posts on this website. For now, you can view the internet of things as a means of the massive machine to machine communications. In order words, 5G will not just make it easier for devices to transfer information, it will also make it easier for machines to communicate.

On a personal basis, the 5G network will make it possible for our homes to be supervised by smart devices at high-speed connections. That means with a 5G connection and a smartphone, you will be able to instantaneously monitor the devices in your household such as the refrigerator, light bulbs, air conditioner



As I mentioned earlier the 5G network is still in the development phase and is yet to stand alone. Hence, the 5G network can only be used in conjunction with the 4G network. The 4G network is required as it is the only current means of control signaling, the 5G network then provides better connectivity by adding to the connection speed of the 4G network.


The 5G network is a relatively new technology and a lot is yet to be known about the technology. As a result, a debate has ensued on the suitability of the technology for human use. The basic reason for the debate is the fact that it is argued that the 5G network can be weaponized or better yet that it operates on the same frequency as weapons.

As I pointed out earlier, the technology was released in the year 2019 and became popular knowledge in 2020. What I failed to point out is the fact that the 5G tests were terminated in Belgium due to concerns over the level of radiation. In addition, a voice in the UK house of commons expressed concerns over the 5G

upgrade. While these claims are yet to be proven, many countries have decided to put their safety first as the fears of 5G became mainstream.

Now what this article will do in this section is presents the two arguments for and against the 5G fears to ensure that every future argument on the topic is carried out based on facts.

The basis of the 5G radiation exposure claim is that 5G operates on the same wavelength as weapons. The major premise is the fact that technology has not been tested and that the industry aims to use the world as guinea pigs to test the project. Of course, these claims are without proof.

Another reason for concern was the aspect of the increased control towers that will have to be brought closed to the living environment. This is where the major difference between the 4G and 5G lies and it is probably the major reason for the complaints. Prior to the introduction of 5G, control towers were positioned a bit far away from the habitation of humans but if the 5G network is to operate properly these towers will have to be created closer to the people and as a result, expose the users of 5G to higher levels of radiation.

While the supporters of the 5G network do admit that the network is of a higher frequency, they also explained that the use of higher frequencies has advantages

and these advantages. The advantage being the increased speed of operations while the disadvantage was exposure to a slightly higher level of radiation.

The premise of the argument against the fears of increased radiation levels from the use of the 5G network is that although the means of operation between the cell phones and the control tower will change and the frequency band of the radio waves will change, exposure to the released radiation levels cannot result in any form of harm to humans.

This fear has been expressed with each release of a new network, it is just differently each time. Although the radiation levels will increase, they will still be well below the standard expressed by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Commission (ICNIRP) so technically, the technology is safe for use. This fact alone neutralizes concerns on the utilization of the 5G network as a weapon.

Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section. Is the 5G network going to build or destroy the prospects for a brighter future?

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