Three ways to see who has unfollowed your Instagram account

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Three ways to see who has unfollowed your Instagram account




A variety of third-party apps allow you to see who has unfollowed your Instagram account.


  • In multiple ways, you can see who has unfollowed your Instagram account.
  • You can search for the following user’s list in the Instagram app.
  • To track who unfollows you, you can install a third-party application.

Meta, formerly Facebook, owns Instagram. It has some basic privacy features that are standard across all social media platforms. The app will notify the user when you follow someone via Instagram. However, it won’t notify you if they unfollow you.


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It is impossible to know if someone isn’t following you. However, it is possible know ifthey aren’t following you anymore. There are three methods to do it.

Your Followers List

First, check your Followers List to find the account of the other user.

1. You can view your Instagram profile by tapping on the profile picture at the bottom right.

2. Tap to Followers.

Tap on Followers on your profile. Tap on Followers to access your profile.


3. Search the Search Bar to find the user’s name. You can also look through the list to find their name if they are not listed. If they appear they are still following your path.

If you can’t locate a user in this list, they aren’t following you.


You can check the following list to see other users’ profiles

1. Tap the eyeglass search icon.

2. Search the username of the user using the Search bar. Tap it to activate it.

3. Tap on To continue,.

Tap the Following header on a user's profile. Tap the “Following header” button on a user’s profile.


4. Search your username or name using the Search bar. Or, browse the entire list by yourself.

Search for yourself in the user's Following tab. You can search for yourself under the tab User’s Following.


Quick tip – If you cannot find a user’s username or account, they might have blocked you. Double-check your spelling of the username.

A third-party app is recommended

Although third-party apps can help you determine who unfollowed your, they often contain ads and don’t always work. They can usually only see who has unfollowed your once you have installed the third-party application.

These metrics can provide additional information about your account. They can list new followers or show you who you are following but not you back. We have highlighted a functional iOS and Android app below.


1. FollowMeter.

2 Sign in with your Instagram username to access the app.

3. To see who unfollowed your recently, select Unfollowers

Tap Unfollowers. Tap Unfollowers.


Note that The Unfollowers option is only available for accounts who have unfollowed after you downloaded the app and logged in to it. You can also tap Not Following you back for a list of people you aren’t following.

For Android:

1. Followers and Unfollowers.

2 Sign in with your Instagram username & password.

3 Tap on the three-line menu at the upper-left corner.

4. Choose Unfollowers. This may open an ad.

There are three ways to see who has unfollowed your Instagram account.

Have you ever wondered what kind of impact you had on your friends – specifically how many of them unfollowed you? Well, now there are a few ways to find out! There are three different kinds of hashtags one can use to see who has unfollowed your Instagram account:

Did you know Instagram also allows you to see who has unfollowed your account? Here is how you can go about doing so:

You can use this tool to find out who has unfollowed your Instagram account, either over a set period of time or all at once. Once the export is downloaded, you can just open it and view the results in an Excel spreadsheet.

Howdy, neighbor. Wanna know who unfollowed you? Well now you can. You read the title of this post and thought “that’s great and all, but I already know how to see who unfollowed me.” And you’re right… sorta. You can use the Instagram web app to see your followers and those who haven’t followed you back. However that doesn’t tell you who has unfollowed you recently or just yesterday. For that you need a third-party tool – and I’ve got 2 for ya!

Finding out who unfollowed your Instagram profile can feel like a bit of work. For example, it’s hard to know if a real person that you’re following has stopped liking your photos and updates. Then, you might have to check in with all these separate tools to get an accurate read on the situation. It’s no surprise that plenty of people in this situation end up just not knowing who’s followed and unfollowed them–maybe even for long periods of time.

These days it seems everyone is jumping on the Instagram bandwagon. The latest in social media, Instagram is a photo-sharing app with filters and hashtags that allow users to post pictures of their lives. Millions of people are using this service daily, posting pictures of their pets, artsy family portraits, or even their meals. You can easily check your followers to see who has unfollowed you by your username, email or phone number.

How can you tell if someone has stopped following your Instagram?

You can view those who have unfollowed you with a third-party tool or Instagram’s native application. Third-party tools include and apps, like Unfollowgram and Social Audit. They have been used by marketers on Instagram and other social networks to track their social media presence. Many of these third-party tools as well as native applications also let you know a user’s engagement level – how much they interact with you and your content.

Have you ever wondered who unfollowed you? There is a way to find out. You can use any of these three methods:

A recent study shows that one in seven people on Instagram has unfollowed another user. According to the study, people are usually following between 600 and 1,000 users. Since Instagram is a site dedicated to photos, it’s easy to forget about who you’re following if they don’t post often or aren’t replying to your comments.

Perhaps you have this friend in your list. You follow his or her account, but that person unfollowed you. There are three ways to track this kind of activity.

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