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Windows 11 and 10 tested will the OS upgrade speed up your pc?



Windows 11 and 10 tested will the OS upgrade speed up your pc?

Windows 11 and 10 tested will the OS upgrade speed up your pc?

Windows 11 and 10 tested will the OS upgrade speed up your pc?

Welcome to my blog, so today we will be talking about Windows 11 and Windows 10.

So, questions have been coming in and we see questions, Like what’s the difference between windows 10 and windows 11? With the current upgrade in windows 11 is windows 10 still going to be fast and useable?

So officially Microsoft has released Windows 11 as an optional upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users. Windows 10 is the default on all new devices, but users can elect to bypass that standard and install the new operating system by themselves.

Today, we’re looking at what the upgrade might mean for regular computer users like you and me who aren’t part of Microsoft’s Insider program and are eager to see how they fare using Windows 11 and the same apps they use daily.


So, what makes Windows 11 different from Windows 10?

Windows 11 brings a brand new, more mac like interface to the features a clean design with rounded corners and pastel shades. The iconic start menu also moves to the center of the screen along with the Taskbar. But you can move those back to the left, as they are in the windows 10, if you want to.


Windows 11 will let you set up virtually in a way that’s similar to Macs. It allows for toggling between multiple desktops at once for personal, work, school or gaming. In Windows 10, this was harder to set up and use.


Well some people might be worried if with the current upgrade which is windows 11 if windows 10 will still be fast and useable?


With the new Windows 10, Microsoft offers Windows users an even better input with everything they need in one place. The new Start menu offers a wider variety of options and can be personalized to show you exactly what you’re looking for – or nothing at all. The new features in Cortana allow you to do things like set reminders, take a note right in the Action Center or look up information like stocks and news without opening a separate program. It just keeps getting better…


The Enhanced Task Manager allows you to see activity on your computer in an interactive view similar to Task Manager in Mac OS X, making it easy to determine what’s running in the background.

For those who like to hide the desktop from their guests, clicking the Start button on Windows 10 will now make all desktop content disappear so that other screens are visible but your desktop isn’t. And of course, if you lose power there is a full-screen experience available with more than one hour of battery life.

Windows 11 and 10 tested will the OS upgrade speed up your pc?

This flexible laptop is designed for power and performance, whether for work or play. With a bright 14-inch screen in a sleek and lightweight design, notebook fans will appreciate the Inspiron 14 7415 2-in-1.Powered by an Intel Core i3 processor, this machine delivers stunning visuals built for mobility. Plus, on board storage is available up to 2TB with a compact 256GB solid state drive combined with 8GB of RAM. All of your multimedia needs can be met with its HDMI port, SD card reader, and Up To 9 hours battery life –


Perfect for storing multiple documents and keeping track of calendar appointments, the Inspiron 14-inch Laptop also has an AMD Ryzen™ 5 processor, secure access with Windows Hello, HP Sure View HD Anti-theft technology with camera, high-performance speakers that provide clear audio. Look at the heart of the computer and you’ll see an Intel® Core™ i3 CPU for long battery life.

Plus, enjoy 4GB of memory to ensure you will never have to reload your programs. It even comes with more than 1TB of storage so you have plenty of room to store music, movies and photos online.

The laptop we reviewed was the Asus ZenBook 14 in gold. Overall aesthetic appeal: 7/10. The lid is a rich, glossy silver metal, and the overall look of the laptop is sleek, squared-off, and small. It looks more like a cell phone than a traditional notebook. We also appreciated how Asus integrated the power and volume buttons into the body of the laptop, making it easy to reach where you need them most – but it’s worth noting that these are physical buttons and therefore can be more easily damaged than those on a traditional laptop. The hinge is also nice – it feels sturdy when opening and closing the lid, but not so rigid that it makes for an uncomfortable viewing angle or screen tilt as we move around in our chair.


Additionally, its 3:2 aspect ratio display means that color accuracy will never be an issue with this notebook. Its 5MP camera isn’t bad by any means, but we’d likely take higher performance if we were using this notebook for video chat or still photography. Battery life: 8/10.


When you get a new Mac, one of your first options is to run it through the Handbrake test. Microsoft has launched Edge with many new features, including its own browser, but it’s still rough around the edges. To see what Microsoft can do to smooth out the most egregious aspects of its browser, we ran PCMag’s web-browsing benchmarks on the latest builds of Windows 10–with a couple of caveats.



Windows 11 and 10 tested will the OS upgrade speed up your pc?

Here are the performance results of the Inspiron 15z 17″ Touchscreen Laptop. __________ Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U Quad-Core Processor RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz (Note: 2x4GB -2 for gaming, very worthwhile upgrade)Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce MX150 4GB


This laptop has been upgraded with a faster graphics card)Hard Drive: 512GB Samsung M.2 NVMe TLC SSD (Note: This is a newer and faster SSD than the model in most  laptops).Optical Drive: No Optical Drive Slot: Yes Networking: LAN and Wi-Fi .This model of the Inspiron has a slightly older Intel Core CPU which appears to be more powerful than what is used in many other laptops which may have the same model designation, but the faster processor will certainly enhance your gaming experience.


Overall it is an excellent choice for any user who wants to have a fast computer with plenty of power to run heavy graphics apps such as video editing or video rendering.


Perhaps the most important difference between the test systems is the “Cinebench 11.5” score, which represents a real-world rather than synthetic performance test. This little program loads a complicated scene into the machine and then measures how long it takes to render it.


There are a lot of calculations that go into this test, so it doesn’t come without a cost, but in this case it’s similar to the scores you get on 3DMark06 or Home tests (where you have to watch for false positives and deal with separate GPU tests). We searched for this particular result because you can use it to compare the potential graphics performance between systems.


If a different laptop scored high on Cinebench, it was definitely capable of holding its own in video-playing applications; conversely, lacking that score meant that even with powerful hardware—at least according to Cinebench’s relative results—things wouldn’t be all that impressive in games.


With both versions of Windows 8 on hand we found that a couple important factors came into play in our favor: 1.) The hardware is much more adaptable in general because apps are difficult to install without proper drivers; several times we had older systems that lacked key features.


The three tests that we chose to compare the Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 are PCMark 10, CineBench R15, and Photoshop. These tests all have a small enough margin of difference (18% on Cinebench, 18% on PCMark 10, and 5% on Photoshop) that they are likely testing very different things.


With that said, the slight edge goes to the Surface Pro 3 based primarily on the fact that it scored 1m more points on Cinebench R15 relative to the Core M-based Surface 3, by over 200 points total. The score of 2.5fps is similar in this regard, as both systems are very close at processing 4K video, while they differ greatly in image editing tasks, where the Surface Pro 3 has a nearly 6 fps advantage in Photoshop.


We’ll use these results as a point of reference for future tests for comparing Windows 11 to Windows 10 on the same hardware platforms.

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