Think about what Xbox Series X can do for you in 2022

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Experience next-gen speed and performance in the Xbox Series X, available for preorder starting September 22nd.

The fastest and the most powerful Xbox ever that allow you to puts all your games in one place.

Letting thousands of Xbox titles, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox games with enhanced features such as faster loading times, higher resolutions, and coastal framing.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is the most powerful games console to date. It’s fast.

Real fast You’ll notice a difference within seconds of first turning it on, but it goes beyond faster frame rates and load times.

It has a familiar aesthetic to its older brother, the Xbox One X, which is no bad thing.

But it’s small, so small that Microsoft has proudly suggested this should fit into almost any setup or entertainment unit you already have in your lounge.

 Already have in your lounge

Xbox Series X

Experience the next generation of video games with the Xbox Series X. Trim new stories, videos, and screenshots to share with friends, watch 4K Blu-ray movies.

Stream Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution, and play millions of games from the vast Xbox Game Pass library.

With an octa-center CPU walking at 3.8GHz, a customized GPU clocking in at 1.825GHz with 12 teraflops of power, you may find out over 5000 immersive worlds and adventures designed for instant gameplay with little to no load times.


Think smarter with Microsoft

Microsoft Xbox series x

The best gaming laptop can still intimidate, however. Laptops with high-end gaming components are often pricey and chunky.

What’s more, if you’re looking for a high-powered machine that can play the latest titles at maximum quality settings, you might want to give up on portability altogether and look for a desktop replacement instead.

This is because desktop replacement laptops, as the name implies, are generally too heavy to lug around and more like an actual desktop computer than a portable one.

The Xbox Series X is the latest addition to our kitted-out range of gaming consoles. With smarter, faster processors and enriched immersive worlds, you’ll experience gaming like never before.

It’s built upon the innovative technology that makes it the world’s fastest and most powerful console to date.

Unlocking a brand-new degree of overall performance that lets in even the maximum stressful video games acquire greater constant framerates at better resolutions and progressed visible constancy throughout the board.

A 4x increase in process power over the previous generation. Ensures that developers will faucet into worlds of further detail, resolution, and performance while delivering fantastic new experiences ne’er before attainable on consoles.

If you’re a gamer the Xbox Series X will reward you with a ferociously fast processing time, higher resolution rendering, and expandable storage, so you don’t need to worry about filling up that games library with all the best Xbox Series X games.

The enhanced and custom-designed GPU will process 12 trillion operations per second, giving you a gaming experience like no other.

If you’re a movie lover, you’re looking at an optical drive with a 4k ultra-high-definition Blu-ray player, the performance of up to 120 frames per second, and a Dolby Digital 5.1 audio output, this console really does bring movies to life.

Epic films in crisp 4k are best enjoyed on a 4k TV, but Xbox Series X goes one step further – with up to 8k HDR capabilities, it’s ready to give you the best in image quality.

Pair your Xbox Series X with an 8k TV for a mind-blowing, home cinema experience.

What’s a console without some added accessories to really take your gaming experience to the next level? Check out our Xbox Series X accessories to find all the extra gear you need to create the best gaming space.

Why not start off with the new Xbox Series X controllers? Complete with a redesigned look, the Hybrid D-Pad.

Smoother, sleeker, and more precise, the new hybrid D-pad offers enhanced comfort and the ability to instantly capture and share content.

If you plan on playing multiplayer games, pick up a spare Xbox Series X controller.

Gaming evolves with you. Play the latest Xbox games on your favorite Microsoft gaming console.

No matter your skill level or preferred genre, at Best Buy you’ll find PlayStation 4 consoles, controller shifters, racing wheels, VR headsets, and more for PlayStation 4.

Or find accessories for Xbox One consoles and Nintendo Switch consoles like joysticks, pedals, nunchucks, and charging cables.

Every week, we jump into the latest gaming news live on Twitch and YouTube. This week, we’re discussing Xbox Series X restock, as well as news about Forza Horizon 6 arriving on PC, PlayStation 5 appearing in new leak footage, and Shovel Knight getting a cameo in Swim Out!’

Xbox series x restock

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