Zlatan reply Lukaku 🗣️

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Zlatan reply Lukaku 🗣️

“Lukaku has a great ego, he thinks he’s a champion and he’s really strong. But I grew up in the Malmo ghetto, and when someone comes under me with his head down, I put him in his place.”

“So, I hit him in his sweet spot: his Mum’s rituals. And he lost control. Although, I still have a terrible doubt… we lost that derby. I was sent off. Then I got injured. A lot of bad things happened. You’ll see that the Lukaku rituals really got me?”

“I asked my believing friends to pray for me. I have to settle the bill with him too. I hope to meet him soon.”

scoring an offside goal against kindergarten clubs like Arsenal and Briton doesn’t perfect you a good striker, let’s see if you can do that against Liverpool, for the world to see you,

even Phil Jones of Manchester United can score against Arsenal at this moment, so you don’t have to celebrate when score against kindergarten clubs

Now you’re frustrated and want to run back to king palace (Milan)

Zlatan don’t complain to clubs, clubs complain to zlatan
Go to the Camp of Amsterdam, two Milans, Paris, Barcelona and Manchester they will tell you what I have left in their Trophy cabinets. I play as a Player and as a Coach wherever I go, I motivate players to be successful more than myself,
Manchester United in particular I went there I told the likes of Lingard that they were great players, and they started to perform and won Trophies together with me,
In Milan I told these Players that they are quality so they deserve nothing but the league title, so far so good. So I can’t compare myself to a Player while I am a Player and a Coach. A player only wants to be successful alone while a player and a coach like me encourages others to achieve together with me. I don’t cry to press I work hard, I motivate, I assist other players to be successful too.

That’s the work of Zlatan

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