Zlatan reply Rojo 🗣️

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Zlatan reply Rojo 🗣️

“When i arrived at Manchester United the likes of Lingard they thought English 5-0 Zlatan. They spoke English with Rojo talking about my Nose i wanted to beat them up, they should thank Jose Mourinho. In Sweden English is well understood and spoken. Rojo did not even want to man mark me at Training He was thinking about the slap which He was going to get anyway. And I was rested so they can train well without fear . Until the Lion Anger was calmed “

“One thing surprised me: everyone thinks of manchester united as a top club, one of the richest and most powerful in the world and seen from the outside it looked that way to me. But once I was there I found a small, closed mentality. I was asked to show my papers just to get into the [man united] training ground. I’d say to the person at the gate ‘I’ve been coming here every day. I’m the best player in the world. If you still don’t recognise me, you’re in the wrong job’.”

“You know it is very funny, when I was there (at Manchester United),I used to help them win perfectly without penalties. I scored clear goals and I even used to assist for myself. But I see they brought in Bruno,scoring penalties made him look like the best player in the world, but now Ronaldo has taken over the duty and Bruno is nowhere to be seen. He’s a good player but I think much has to be done over there”.


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